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Politics in Europe

The Regulation

In 1992 the European Union issued a regulation of the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products (PDO und PGI). This regulation (EWG) 2081/92 of 14th July 1992 has lead to a standardisation of national practices in the field of the geographical designations, with exception for wine. Several countries, such as France and Italy had their own legislation in this area. The issuing of the regulation followed only after difficult negociations between the northern and southern European countries.


On 1st December 2011 the mutual agreement between the European Union and Switzerland took effect. As a consequence the Swiss PDO-PGI products (with the exception of spirits which are subject to another legislation, as well as the Emmentaler PDO) are protected within the European Union. In return, the PDO-PGI products in the European Union are protected also in Switzerland. In view of this mutual recognition the Swiss PDO-PGI Regulation was mainly based on the European Union Regulation from the start.

In France a protection warranted by court order (Regulation due to complaint from the disadvantaged) opened up the possibility, from the twenties on, (protection of the Roquefort 1925) to walk the road of legal regulation of the protected designation of origin for cheese and then, in the extended sense, of the protected designations of origin for other agricultural products and food (Decree-Law of 1935 for the creation of the PDO).

In Italy a law of 1954 sets the principles of warranty and protection of the characteristics of origin, or the typical characteristics of cheese (Law no 125 of 10th April 1954).

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