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PDO-PGI Products

PDO Products PGI Products
Abricotine PDO

Finest eau-de-vie made from apricots of the variety „Luizet“
Minimum alcohol content 40 % vol.

Berner Alpkäse PDO and Berner Hobelkäse PDO

Loaf diameter 28 to 48 cm
Loaf weight 5 to 14 kg
Hartkäse Berner Alpkäse AOP (Alpine hard cheese PDO) resp.
Bernese extra hard cheese Hobelkäse PDO (hobel = slice)

Bloder-Sauerkäse PDO

Block shaped
Loaf weight 100 g bis 8 kg
Through the maturing process a gelatinous „fat layer“ growing inwards develops in the sour cheese and which is also edible.

Cardon épineux genevois PDO

Cardy (Cardoon) vegetable
The plants reach a height of 1.5 meters, have numerous fine veines, numerous dorns and silver blue leaves.

Damassine PDO

Finest eau-de-vie from plums of the variety „Damasson rouge“ (red Damson). Minimum alcohol content 40 % vol.

Emmentaler PDO

Hartkäse aus roher Kuhmilch
Durchmesser: 80 bis 100 cm, Höhe: 16 bis 27 cm
Gewicht: 75 bis 120 kg
Lochung: 2 bis 4 cm Durchmesser

L'Etivaz PDO

Diameter of the loaves 30 to 65 cm
Weight of the loaves 10 to 38 kg
Hard cheese
Enjoyed as sliced cheese or in form of sliced cheese rolls

Eau-de-vie de poire du Valais PDO

Finest eau-de-vie from pears of the Williams variety
Minimum alcohol content 40 % vol.

Formaggio d'Alpe Ticinese PDO

Round loaf with a diameter of 25 to 50 cm and a thickness of 6 to 10 cm
Weight 3 to 10 kg
Semi-hard cheese
Contains up to 30% goat milk

Glarner Alpkäse PDO
Gruyère PDO

Hard cheese made from raw cow's milk
Diameter: 55 to 65 cm
Thickness: 9.5 to 12 cm
Weight: 25 to 45 kg

Munder Safran PDO

Spice derived from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus L.
The stigmas are deep red (purple), fragile, always curved and end in a funnel-like form
Dried, they are 10 to 45 mm long

Poire à Botzi PDO

The fruit is marketed as fresh or canned fruit. It is small and has a diameter of 35 to 55 mm. The rind varies from green to red-brown, the fruit pulp has a colour going from white to dark yellow.

Rheintaler Ribelmais PDO

Product from the mill manufactured from Rheintaler Ribelmais AOP/PDO
Weiss-White-beige colour
Sweetish and intensive taste, typical for corn

Sbrinz PDO

Extraharter, vollfetter Käse aus roher Kuhmilch
Diameter: 45 to 65 cm, thickness: 14 to 17 cm
Weight: 25 to 45 kg
Served as Möckli, sliced roll or grating cheese

Tête de Moine PDO

Cylindrical loaf of 10 to 15 cm diameter
Weight 0.7 to 0.9 kg
Semi-hard cheese
The cheese is scraped to fine rosettes by means of a girolle (scraper).

Vacherin Fribourgeois PDO

Semi-hard cheese from raw or thermised milk
Diameter: 30 to 40 cm
Thickness: 6 to 9 cm
Weight: 6 to 10 kg

Vacherin Mont-d'Or PDO

Round form in four sizes
Weight 350 g to 3 kg
Slightly fluid soft cheese with a washed, slightly undulated crust
The cheese is kept together by a ring of spruce bark and stored in a spruce wood box.

Walliser Raclette PDO

Semi-hard cheese produced from raw cow's milk
Round loaves with a diameter of 29 to 31 cm
Weight: approx. 5 kg
The cheese is used as semi-hard cheese, melted as raclette or sliced

Walliser Roggenbrot PDO

Round sourdough bread made of minimum 90% rye flour with a crisp crust
Weight 500 g or 1 kg

Bündnerfleisch PGI

•Raw cured products, produced from meat from a cow's leg
rectangular form
purple colour

Glarner Kalberwurst PGI

White scalded sausage which is boiled or grilled.
Diameter 36-42 mm
Weight 80-300 g
produced from veal and pork, bacon and white bread (4-8%).

Longeole PGI

Raw sausage from pork, flavoured with fennel seeds.
Diameter : 4–6 cm
length : 18-20 cm
weight : 250-650 g

Saucisse d'Ajoie PGI

Smoked raw sausage product for boiling
Diameter 32 to 35 mm
weight 120-150 g
produced from pork and bacon and maximum 10 per cent of beef.

Saucisse aux choux vaudoise PGI

Smoked raw sausage product on the basis of pork, rind and white cabbage
Diameter 38-44 mm
weight 300-400 g

Saucisson neuchâtelois PGI, Saucisse neuchâteloise PGI

Smoked raw sausage for boiling on the base of pork
Diameter 40-60 mm
weight 200-600 g

St. Galler Bratwurst PGI

White scalded sausage, which is cooked and served roasted or grilled.

Saucisson vaudois PGI

Smoked raw sausage product based on pork
Diameter 50-65 mm
length 15 bis 20 cm
The sausage ist boiled or dried and enjoyed raw.

Walliser Trockenfleisch PGI

Salted and air dried beef to be eaten raw
round or rectangular form
, even, purple colour

Walliser Trockenspeck PGI

PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Valais bacon consists of the breast of pigs raised exclusively in Switzerland.

Walliser Rohschinken PGI

PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Valais raw ham consists of pieces of ham from the hindquarters of pigs raised exclusively in Switzerland.

Zuger Kirsch / Rigi Kirsch PDO

Finest all-natural fruit distillates from cherries with a minimum alcohol content of 40 % vol.p>

Zuger Kirschtorte IGP

Die Zuger Kirschtorte hat eine runde Form mit einem Durchmesser von mindestens 8 cm und die maximale Höhe beträgt 45 mm.

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