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Product description

The product must be precisely described (shape, structure, composition, flavour, etc.). This description must bring out the specificity of the product, its unique character, and its identity.

Production conditions

The method used to obtain the product must be described  step  by  step  and  in  detail.  It  must  take  tradition into  account.  Technological  advances  and  the  evolution of processes are accepted as long as such methods do  not  compromise  the  typical  characteristics  of  the product and its bond with the territory. The elements listed in the description must be able to be verifiable.

Definition of the geographical area

An AOP or IGP product is deeply rooted in the region from which its name derives. This region must be defined taking into account traditional customs. It is necessary that the region be able to guarantee the typical characteristics  of  the  product.  The  production  of  an AOP  or  an  IGP  may  spread  outside  of  its  own  original area of production and the geographical area must take this evolution into account. In fact, all the areas of the defined area must prove a specific tradition of production and a bond with the product. The geographical area must be environmentally and culturally coherent. It may be a list of municipalities, districts, or cantons.

Other points

Other  points  that  can  come  into  play  in  the Specifications. The specifications must provide the name of the certification body or bodies that will attest that the product is in conformance with its specifications. The specifications must also specify how the product will be labeled. The applicant group may decide whether to make it required to include the term AOP or IGP on the label of the product using the AOP or IGP registration. In this case, it must insert this requirement in the specifications. The Swiss Association of AOP-IGP makes easily identifiable AOP and IGP logos available to its members.


As of January 1st, 2004, the specifications can also include elements regarding packaging, in the event that the applicant group is able to prove that packaging must be carried out within the defined geographical area in order to safeguard product quality and assure traceability.