Through specific communication and publicity measures the Swiss PDO-PGI Association wants to inform the Swiss consumers about the protected designations of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indications (PGI). On demand, the interested organisations, schools and institutions will be supplied with promotion and information material. Moreover, the association arranges joint trade show attendance and carries out further marketing activities in the PR field. Media people are, in addition, informed about current events through press releases. Furthermore, the Association represents the joint interests of the associations in the PDO and PGI context.


 Comunication/ Public Relations

  • Customers magazine «Tradition&Terroir»
  • Press releases and press conferences
  • Attendance at trade shows and PR events
  • Lectures and tastings
  • Website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  • Commercials and advertisements with information text about CDO-PGI in different media in the whole of Switzerland


Representation of PDO-PGI interests

The Swiss PDO-PGI Association supports a targeted implementation of the concerns regarding the PDO and PGI in the political context. This also involves efforts to build an efficient protection system against imitations and misuse of the geographic indications.