Damassine AOP

Damassine AOP

Product description

Finest eau-de-vie from plums of the variety „Damasson rouge“ (red Damson). Minimum alcohol content 40 % vol.




Association interprofessionelle de la Damassine
Combe Bruquelin 27
2900 Porrentruy

T 032 466 80 03
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Geographical Region

The production of the red Damson, storage, fermentation, distillation and filling of Damassine are carried out exclusively within the frontiers of the Republic and canton of Jura.


The harvest of the red Damson takes place, depending on the region, from mid-July to end of September. The ripened fruits which have fallen from the trees are manually picked up daily. It is prohibited to shake the trees. At the beginning and at the end of the harvest, as well as in case of favourable weather conditions, the fruit can be picked up also every second day. After the fruits have been carefully sorted, they are filled into barrels as soon as possible. Squashing and deseeding are prohibited. Until the moment of distillation the barrels are stored at a temperature of 15° to 25°C. After the alcoholic fermentation the barrels are completely filled with fermented fruit pulp and well sealed. The distillation follows at the latest on 31st December of the year of the red Damson harvest. For the reduction of the alcohol content to 40% vol. only distilled or demineralised water from the production region may be used. Damassine PDO must be stored for at least six months and not be marketed before Martin's Day (11th November) of the year after the harvest.


Red Damson originates from the Near East and was brought to Europe by the Romans in the 13th century. The cultivation of the plum in the Jurassic region is mentioned for the first time 1860. Towards the end of the 19th century cultivated and non cultivated trees grew next to each other. In the course of time the plum has adapted to the climate and soil conditions in the region and has developed into a fruit whose characteristics are specific for the canton of Jura. Red Damson was in fact always used for the preparation of cakes and jams, however, the distillation process of Damassine PDO was and is the most important use.