Eau-de-vie de poire du Valais AOP

Eau-de-vie de poire du Valais AOP

Product description

Finest eau-de-vie from pears of the Williams variety
Minimum alcohol content 40 % vol.



Branch organisation

Interprofession des Eaux-de-vie du Valais
Maison du Paysan
Postfach 96
1964 Châteauneuf-Conthey

T 027 345 40 10
F 027 345 40 11


Geographical Region

The production of the fruit, the storage, fermentation, distillation and the filling take place exclusively within the frontiers of the canton of Wallis.


Only the pear of the Williams variety may be used for the manufacture of Eau-de-vie de poire du Valais AOP / Valais Pear Eau de Vie PDO. The fruit must be harvested when it is ripe. The ripening of the pears takes place in small boxes until the fruit is ripe enough to be macerated. Before processing the fruit is carefully sorted. The fruit must be yellow and juicy and present a minimum diameter of 52.5 mm. It may show no mould, no decay, nor may it contain any fouling. To allow complete fermentation of the sugar the fruit is processed to a homogenous mash. The distillation should follow as soon as possible after the fermentation. The alcohol content is lowered to drinking strength by means of demineralised water or spring water with low mineral content. Before it arrives in commerce, the Valais Pear Eau de Vie PDO is stored for at least 6 months.


In Wallis the production of fruit brandy goes back to long tradition. Also pear cultivation is long established here. The Williams variety was introduced at the beginning of the last century. In 1945 an eau-de-vie was made exclusively from Williams pears. From having been the way to use the fruit which was unsuitable for the table, the Valais Pear Eau de Vie PDO became the principal use of this pear variety in Wallis over the years.